10 Brilliant Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know

1. Ice roller

Your skincare routine is lacking without an ice roller. It improves facial circulation, decreases puffiness, and tightens skin. Ice rolling also helps acne outbreaks, itching, and soreness.

2. Create Your Ideal Morning Routine

Your ideal life may be achieved with good habits and routines. Managing your morning routine is crucial to your productivity, happiness, and confidence.

3. Multitask Using Educational Podcasts

Podcasts about mentality, business, self-care, fitness, or any topic are wonderful for learning. When you clean, cook, or commute to work, listen to a podcast.

4. Use TP rolls as hair rollers

Apply a lightweight mousse on damp hair and use sectioning clips to secure them . This heatless curl hack creates huge, bouncy curls without equipment.

5. Wash white sneakers in washer

Are your white shoes turning grey? You may wash non-leather ones in the machine. Use the gentle/delicate cycle and wash them on cold without using washing detergent.

6. Microfibre hair towel

Microfiber towels are ideal for hair. They decrease friction, frizz, and drying time and are the gentlest method to dry hair. Frizz, breakage, and damage can result from using cotton towels. 

7. Take Cold Showers

Showering in super-cold water is becoming more popular for good reason. Although it may seem like the last thing you want to do, cold showers have several benefits.

8. Reconnect with Hair Gel and Mousse

Millennials may be traumatized by gel and mousse hairstyles. The days of crispy curls are over. Small amounts of lightweight mousse can help your hair keep its style and add volume and definition. 

9. Find Your Fitness Beat

If you struggle to maintain a fitness regimen, it may be your workouts. Change things up if you're not enjoying them. You may be bored with running. 

10. Dress and Prepare Daily WFH

Working from home is becoming increasingly common, and it's easy to neglect your skincare and cosmetics. Getting dressed in the morning can boost productivity, creativity, and workplace awareness.

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