10 Common Skincare Myths Debunked

1. Myth: Organic Products Are Better for Skin

Truth: “Natural” and “organic” skincare products are generally unregulated and include botanicals and essential oils that can cause allergic responses, especially in sensitive skin.

2. Myth: No Need for Eye Cream

Truth: Some think eye cream doesn't work and you should simply use your moisturizer, however the appropriate components can aid with various skin issues. 

3. Myth: Acne Prevents Face Washing

Truth: Acne is more difficult than facial cleanliness. Oil production, bacteria, blocked pores, inflammation, hormones, and stress cause acne. 

4. Myth: Spray Tans Prevent Sunburn

Truth: A spray tan can give you attractive bronzed skin, but it doesn't protect you from the sun. Spray tanning does not give UV protection like a foundation tan.

5. Myth: Burning Skin Means It Works

Truth: Skincare shouldn't burn. Use a wet towel to remove it immediately. Some products cause tingling, but stinging or burning is dangerous.

6. Myth: Hot water opens pores for better cleaning

Truth: Never wash your face with hot water, especially if it aches. Hot water dehydrates and removes skin of its natural protective barrier.

7. Myth: Skincare Product Order Doesn't Matter

Truth: Order matters. Applications should be thinnest to thickest and active substances should put on first.

8. Myth: Oily Skin Doesn't Need Moisturize

Truth: Moisturizing keeps skin toned and nourished regardless of type. To preserve your skin, replenish the natural oils stripped by most cleansers.

9. Myth: Cloudy Weather Doesn't Require Sunscreen

Truth: Wear sunscreen every day, sunny or gloomy. Only at night without sun should you not apply sunscreen. UV radiation harm even on overcast days. 

10. Myth: The More You Wash Your Face, The Better

Truth: You simply need to wash your face in the morning and night, and after heavy perspiration to avoid clogged pores. More facial washing might damage your skin. 

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