10 Lovely Low-Cost Small Garden Ideas

Container Gardening: Use pots, containers, and hanging baskets to grow a variety of plants and flowers.

Vertical Gardens: Install vertical planters or create a living wall to maximize space.

DIY Raised Beds: Build raised beds from reclaimed wood or bricks for easy and inexpensive planting.

Recycled Pallets: Transform pallets into planters or garden furniture.

Use Old Tires: Paint and stack old tires for a unique and colorful garden border.

Succulent Garden: Low-maintenance succulents are perfect for small spaces.

Herb Garden: Grow your own herbs in pots or small raised beds.

Fairy Garden: Create a magical miniature garden with small plants and fairy accessories.

Rock Garden: Arrange rocks and pebbles to create a low-maintenance rock garden.

Repurpose Furniture: Use old furniture like tables or dressers as plant stands.