10 Tips For Flying With Toddlers And Young Kids

Early Morning Departure Book

Book an early morning departure with toddlers or small children. Flight attendant says they reduce takeoff and landing delays the most.

Save Upgrades for Toddler-Free Travel

Kids may make first-class travel difficult. Mom describes flying with her boisterous kid and facing her first-class seatmates' fury for the whole journey.

Tell Your Kids What to Expect

"My experience is kids do so much better if they know what to expect," says one Australian parent of three who's visited the U.S. multiple times. 

Layer and Avoid Lace-Up Shoes

A flight attendant and parent recommends dressing kids in comfortable layers without buttons, zippers, or anything that may hinder them from using the restroom.

Bring Surprises

A wrapped new gift offers two benefits while traveling with a toddler: Kids love to open things, and it grabs their attention.

Consider a Smaller Stroller

Some parents can't imagine going through an airport without a stroller, so try an umbrella or travel stroller. Before boarding, check your stroller at the gate; the personnel will have it ready for you when you get off.

Just Enough Pack

Flight attendants advise parents to bring adequate basics. Unfortunately, planes have no kid-friendly meals. We also have limited comfort goods.

Packing List Planning

Make a detailed packing list to avoid overpacking and remember everything. Star or highlight last-minute things like your child's lovey or the iPad that's charging so you can check your checklist before leaving.

Prepare for Security

Pack goods that need to be removed during security for easy access. Traveling with munchies may increase screening scrutiny.

Prep for Air Pressure Changes

Changes in cabin air pressure may hurt your kid. After security, stock up on water for a probable delay and the descent, which is generally the worst for ear pressure.

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