12 signs you're officially old

According to a recent research, forgetting people's names, moaning when you bend down, and falling asleep in front of the TV are all symptoms that you're growing older.

A recent survey also discovered that requiring an afternoon sleep, having difficulty sitting cross-legged, and preferring comfort over style are signs of aging.

Other indicators include whining more often, stating you're 'gasping' for a cup of tea, and feeling complimented when asked for ID while entering a pub.

The survey, commissioned by Future You to showcase the advantages of Turmeric+ pills, also found that feeling stiff and often discussing your joints were among the top fifty indicators you're getting older.

Researchers identified 41 as the age at which individuals commonly begin to display these indicators, with 57 being the age at which people feel themselves to be "officially old."

While saying goodbye to their youth, 47% are anxious about losing their memory, while 29% are concerned about the effect ageing would have on their fitness.

On the other side, more than one-third are concerned about growing lonely as they age, and one in every five is concerned about how they will age.

The top 12 signs include: 1. Ignoring people's names 2. Hair loss causing stiffness 3. Talking about your joints/ailments a lot 4. When you bend down, you groan.

5. Not knowing any of the top 10 songs 6. Misplacing your spectacles, purse, or vehicle keys, for example 7. Ears, brows, nose, and face are becoming increasingly hairy.

8. Lifting large objects should be avoided if you have back problems. 9. Using the phrase 'in my day' 10. Finding it difficult to sit cross-legged on the floor Despise loud pubs

11. Choosing clothing and shoes based on comfort rather than fashion 12. Every night, I fall asleep in front of the television.

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