5 Days Into Benching Angel Reese, Kim Mulkey Invites More Trouble With Controversial Take

LSU's 2023-24 NCAA season began with a massive upset, but the league's finest team and last year's champs produced a remarkable comeback.

In five matches, the Tigers have lost one and won four faceoffs. Recently, the squad has been embroiled in issues, including one involving its head coach.

The Lady Tigers have been under fire since the start of the season for losing to No.20-ranked Colorado or Angel Reese and Coach Mulkey's rumors.

Postgame press conference by Tigers head coach after win against Southeastern Louisiana. Kim Mulkey appeared unwell and laughed about it in the interview.

She answered, "I'm not a sissy or allergic. Some cold hit me. Maybe COVID, but I'm not tested! No, it's sinus, allergies, flu, anything. If you get the flu during Thanksgiving, blame me.

Fans raged at her statements. After Covid killed over a million Americans, many went to social media to express their dismay and indignation. One fan commented, “This is personal.”

Another follower added, “It's funny folks realizing that Kim Mulkey is real life Cruella de Vil & she is the DEVIL on the low that dress like Steve Harvey.” Another said, “This is just unacceptable from Kim Mulkey. I came near to dying from Covid. This is awful on every level.”

As the team faces the Texas Southern Tigers, Reese's status is unknown. The top gun's absence is sparking rumors about Kim and Angel's increasing conflict. Whatever the case, the occurrence has tarnished LSU's title hopes.