7 Airplane Habits That Annoy Your Seatmates

Reclining your seat abruptly

Reclining your seat is your right, but it might be unsettling for the person behind you, particularly if they're using a tray table or laptop.

Talking loudly

Air travel involves conversations, but being too loud might disturb others. Use your indoor voice and watch the loudness while talking.

Using electronic devices with loud sounds

Playing games, viewing films, or listening to loud music might annoy surrounding people. Use headphones or lower the volume to prevent bothering others.

Taking up more space than your own

Note that airplane seats are not large, so don't invade your neighbor's space. Keep your arms, legs, and belongings in your area.

Not controlling your children or pets

 Traveling with kids or dogs requires discipline. Unruly kids or noisy dogs might bother other travelers.

Ignoring personal hygiene

Long trips might be difficult, but it doesn't excuse poor hygiene. In a small environment, body odor and fragrant food might be irritating.

Reclining your seat during meal service

Keeping your seat upright while flight attendants serve meals is polite. This allows you and your other passengers to eat comfortably.

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