10 Best Costco Deals for Memorial Day Weekend

The calendar says summer begins on June 21, but Costco is already stocked its warehouses with warm-weather meals and other seasonal items for customers

Better still, Costco just discounted a ton of these things over Memorial Day Weekend!Every few months, the warehouse chain offers Member-Only Savings. 

Prices are down till June 13 after the deal began May 19. We found the greatest deals on healthy foods at reasonable prices below to help you shop.

There are more Christmas delicacies on sale, like this enormous box of S'mores components. Below are the healthiest Costco items to buy this MDW.

For extra shopping suggestions, avoid these Costco foods that nutritionists say should never be bought.

If you want a pleasure without adding sugar to your Memorial Day favorites, this carton of 16 lower-sugar Chobani Greek Yogurt flavors is perfect.

This deal includes Monterey Strawberry, Wild Blueberry, Chill Cherry, and Madagascar Vanilla & Cinnamon. Visit your local warehouse to take advantage

Another grocery retailer reports rising stock on dips, and Costco has a nearly two-pound bag of Pretzel Crisps for $2.90 off. 

 With this warehouse-only price (also $8.59 on Instacart), there's plenty to go around.Get one 24-ounce bag for $3 off or two for $6 off this weekend for a crowd-pleasing snack. 

The $23.99 double pack is now available for same-day delivery. This Keto-compliant snack mix features macadamia nuts, pecans, pepitas, almonds, and cheese balls.

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