7 Secrets To Getting The Best Seats On Alaska Airlines

Business Select

If you purchase a Business Select ticket, you will be guaranteed access into the A1-A15 entry group. This nearly secures you the location of your choosing.

Reach Before Check-In

You may check in for your flight 36 hours before it departs for an additional cost, which is 12 hours before usual check-in begins.

Off Peak Times Travel

If you have the option, consider journeys that take place during off-peak periods or on days when there are less people going. There may be additional seats available when the aircraft has fewer passengers.

Look For Rows

When you board the plane, seek for rows that appear to be full but have an available spot in the middle. Some people may avoid rows that have an empty middle seat in hopes that their neighbor will not appear.

Cut The line

This is critical to remember: if you purchased a Group A ticket but were unable to board, you may still grab that amazing seat by cutting in line.

Target Your Place

Alaska operates a variety of planes with various seat configurations. When you understand how the plane is configured, you may target certain areas or portions of the plane that meet your demands.

Set Alarm

Check in precisely 24 hours before your flight is scheduled to depart. If you want to ensure that you receive the greatest locations, you should set an alarm.

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