7 Southwest Boarding Tips From Travel Experts

Check-In Early

Southwest has a boarding group approach based on check-in order. To get a better boarding position, check in online exactly 24 hours before your trip. Make a note of it so you don't forget.

Get the Southwest App

Get the Southwest Airlines app for your smartphone. It allows you to check in, obtain mobile boarding cards, and receive real-time flight status information. This can help you save time at the airport.

A-List and Early Bird Check-In

Consider joining the A-List or purchasing Early Bird Check-In. Priority boarding is granted to A-List members, and Early Bird Check-In checks you in 36 hours before your trip, providing you a superior boarding position.

Know Your Boarding Group

Southwest offers three boarding groups (A, B, and C), each with a number. The earlier you board, the better your seat options. If at all feasible, try to get into Group A.

Gate Arrival

Arrive early at the entrance, especially if you're in Group B or C. Even if you don't receive first selection of the aircraft, you'll have a greater chance of getting a preferred seat.

Family Boarding

Southwest provides family boarding between the A and B groups if you are flying with young children. Use this to gather a group of seats together.

Be Polite and Courteous

Southwest is well-known for its courteous service. Being kind to airline personnel and fellow passengers may go a long way.

If you're prepared to exchange seats to accommodate families or groups, it can improve both your and their boarding experience.

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