9 health benefits of owning a dog

Physical Activity: Dogs need daily walks or playtime. Dogs encourage exercise, helping you keep fit and healthy. 

Petting a dog reduces stress and cortisol. Comfort and emotional support from dogs relieve anxiety and promote calm.

Mental Health: Dog companionship improves mental health. Dogs provide unconditional love and reduce depression and loneliness.

Social Interaction: Dogs are wonderful icebreakers and can help you make friends with other dog owners and people

Dog time releases "feel-good" hormones like oxytocin and dopamine, improving mood. This can improve your attitude and happiness.

Some studies link dog ownership to a lower risk of heart disease. Dog ownership increases physical activity and reduces stress, improving heart health.

Allergen Reduction: Surprisingly, young dog owners may have fewer allergies and asthma attacks.

Additional Responsibility: Dog care requires commitment and responsibility.

Security: Dogs may make your home feel safe. Many breeds protect their owners and territory, providing peace of mind.