7 Skin And Makeup Tips And Hacks To Look Less Tired

1. Hydrate Eye Area

Boosting your skin's moisture levels is the quickest method to seem more alert in a pinch. Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid lighten dark circles, chill, and deflate the eyes in this eye cream.

2. Exfoliation Matters

A poor complexion may make your face seem fatigued. A beautiful complexion requires regular exfoliation. Dead skin cells on the outside layer of skin can make it seem dull, dry, and flakey. 

3. Ice Roller in the Morning

Ice rolling stimulates lymphatic drainage, reducing morning puffiness produced by lymph fluid resting in the face overnight. It also tightens and firms skin, minimizing dullness.

4. Befriend blush

Blush energizes your face. Our skin has diverse hues and tones, which foundation and concealer hide. Blush mimics natural cheek blood flow, helping us seem more alert and cheerful.

5. Use Concealer Carefully

Choose the perfect hue for your skin first. For face coverage, use a concealer the same color as your skin, and for under eyes, go one to two shades lighter.

6. Avoid Heavy Eye Makeup

Try not to use heavy eye makeup if you're fatigued. Switching black eyeliner for glossy brown gives you dimension without being harsh.

7. Less is More

You should probably utilize the aforementioned technique on your entire face. Full makeup on tired, dry skin can highlight pores and wrinkles and make you seem exhausted. 

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