9 Tips And Tricks For Southwest Travel

Sign Up for Rapid Rewards

Join Southwest's Rapid Rewards program to earn points for each ticket that can be used to book future flights. This might result in complimentary flights or upgrades.

Check-In Early

Southwest does not provide allocated seating. They instead use a boarding group arrangement. Checking in early (at least 24 hours before your trip) will help you get a better boarding spot.

Download the Southwest App

On your smartphone, you may use the Southwest app to check in, retrieve your boarding pass, and get flight updates.

Pack Light

Although Southwest provides two free checked baggage per passenger, packing minimally might save time and trouble. To speed your airport trip, consider utilizing a carry-on bag.

Know the Boarding Process

Southwest has an open seating policy. Board A1-A60 first, then B1-B60, and so on. Arrive early for a better chance at a good boarding position.

Be Ready to Queue

Because of the open seating layout, it's a good idea to arrive early. Passengers are usually allowed to queue up around 30 minutes before their flight.

Southwest's Cancellation Policy

Southwest is well-known for its accommodating cancellation policy. There are frequently no change costs when canceling or changing flights, which is fantastic for flexibility.

Fly to Secondary Airports

Southwest often flies to smaller, secondary airports, which might be more convenient and less congested than big hubs.

Bring Snacks

While Southwest provides complementary snacks and non-alcoholic beverages, bringing your own food is usually a smart idea, particularly if you have dietary preferences or limits.

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