A Popular Taco Bell Burrito Has Shot Up In Price

Taco Bell has long been a favorite fast-food spot for cheap, excellent Mexican food. Customers were quick

to notice when one of Taco Bell's most popular bargain items increased in price at some locations.

A Taco Bell consumer posted on Reddit this week that the Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito had increased in price. The customer posted a Taco Bell app screenshot of the $2.49 burrito.

Customers didn't say how much the burrito cost at their local Taco Bell before the price change. However, $2.49

is significantly higher than Taco Bell's suggested value menu item pricing of $1.49 (prices vary by location).

That first consumer isn't the only one who saw Cheesy Bean & Rice Burrito costs rising. Several Taco Bell consumers responded on the

page, reporting similar pricing increases. Another Redditor posted a snapshot of a $2.99 Taco Bell Cheesy Bean & Rice Burrito this week.

Cheesy Bean & Rice Burrito pricing have increased at some Taco Bell locations, but not all. Many Redditors said the item is cheaper at their

local Taco Bell. A Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito costs $1.89 near me in central New Jersey.

However, several Taco Bell restaurants have apparently raised the pricing, indicating that this isn't a one-time issue. Be prepared for your local Cheesy Bean

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