Aldi Is Opening 4 New Stores Today

Aldi has grown tremendously in recent years. According to Jones Lang LaSalle, Aldi was the fastest-growing US supermarket business in 2022. 

The bargain grocer is continuing its growth this year with even more ambitious ambitions, including the inauguration of four additional outlets

The first Aldi in Miami, Fla., and three other U.S. states are launching, according to Winsight Grocery Business. The four new stores are at:

These outlets will help Aldi reach its objective of 120 additional stores by 2023, bringing its total American store count to 2,400.

Last month, Aldi U.S. CEO Jason Hart said the 120-store goal would help the firm fulfill rising consumer demand for affordable goods.

Hart stated, "Our growth is led by our customers, and they continue to want more Aldi locations coast-to-coast."

It's unclear where all of these new stores would be, although the firm planned to open 26 throughout the US in spring. Aldi opened 18 stores 

in March across 10 states, including Alabama, Florida, Illinois, and Massachusetts. It also launched many New York outlets in April.

The company has also listed other summer vacancies. Aldi will open in Coachella, Coral Springs, and Orchard Park on June 22. Check the Aldi website

While Aldi grows, it is cutting prices on more than 250 food goods, from microwaveable meals to snacks, to help customers lower their grocery 

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