American Airlines Cuts 90% of NYC Flights

American Airlines has implemented a reduction of over 90% in its flight operations to and from New York City for a minimum duration of one month, in response to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

American Airlines made an announcement on Sunday about a significant reduction of its flight operations to the New York City region, amounting to a reduction of over 90%. 

This response is a direct reaction to the designation of New York City as a prominent location for the outbreak of the coronavirus.

This resulted in a significant decrease in flight loads, particularly in an already downturned market.

The state of New York recorded a total of over 120,000 instances of COVID-19, which is caused by the coronavirus, in the specified period. The number of documented cases in New York City exceeded 67,500, resulting in 2,472 fatalities.

The airline company will conduct a total of 8 flights departing from LaGuardia Airport, which is a significant decrease compared to almost 170 flights operated in April of the previous year.

Similarly, the company will only run 3 flights departing from JFK, a substantial decline from the 80 flights conducted during the same time in the previous year.

Both JetBlue Airways and United Airlines have made official announcements about significant reductions in their flights in the New York City region.

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