Arby's Just Brought Back its Fan-Favorite Mix 'N Match Deal

Arby's is recognized for "the meats." Although known for its roast beef, the restaurant is now serving seafood.

Arby's now offers three sandwiches, two of which have fish fillet, as part of an improved bargain.

At selected restaurants nationwide, the 2 for $6 Mix 'N Match promotion includes two sandwiches from Crispy Fish, Fish 'N Cheddar,

or Classic Roast Beef. Arby's will offer this bargain with the two fish sandwiches for a limited period.

A toasted sesame seed bread holds a crispy fish fillet, shredded lettuce, and tartar sauce in the Crispy Fish Sandwich. The Fish 'N Cheddar

sandwich has the same components plus cheddar cheese sauce. The sandwich trio concludes with Arby's trademark Classic Roast Beef.

Brand Eating reports that Arby's Mix 'N Deal costs $7. Additionally, Arby's website states that the restaurant regularly updates its 2 for $7 Everyday Value menu.

The 2 for $6 Mix 'N Match deal isn't Arby's only promotion. Rewards members can get 50% off their next order till Feb. 11.

In late December, Arby's brought back their Crispy Fish and Fish 'N Cheddar sandwiches. Customers can purchase these limited-time

sandwiches as a meal with a side and drink in addition to individually and as part of the Mix 'N Match package.

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