9 Best Dog Breeds for Babies

These gorgeous creatures are known as the best family dogs. These loving, devoted dogs were the protagonists of the classic family film "Homeward Bound."

Golden Retriever

Beagles with huge brown imploring eyes are lovely and ideal family pets. They're famously laidback, even while walking. They prefer to smell and hear rather than chase any squirrel that captures their interest.


These dogs are routinely ranked the brightest dog breeds. Their energy and intelligence are amazing. They'll work hard to herd, raise, and guard your baby like every other chore you give them.


Few things irritate these dogs, so your baby won't be playing with them all the time. These males adore attention and cuddling, so more play is preferable.


Gentle giants are among the world's best-behaved. They adore kids and socializing with their crew. After playing and running, they like to cuddle.


One of the smartest and most unusual breeds is the poodle. They're easily trained and will learn your rules. They are easygoing, particularly if exercised and engaged, thus they are wonderful with kids.


Labrador retrievers, like golden retrievers, are popular family pets for good reason. If you introduce new family members properly (which is true for all dogs), these puppies will cling by children like peanut butter sticks by jelly.

Labrador Retriever

These noisy breathers are cute and quirky, making them good family pets. They love to play and run like kids but also snuggle for extended periods.


They like children and love people more than other canines. They can usually tolerate any hands-grabbing and playing with them due to their larger size.


Don't be scared by its size. This large friend is a sweetheart. This breed bonds quickly with people and protects them.


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