Classy Bathroom Tile Designs and Ideas for 2024

Vintage-inspired bathroom tile with exquisite Victorian motifs. Its geometric and floral designs are stunning and ageless. If you want a flexible tile that adds charm to any area, it's great.

1. Kilburn

This blue tile pattern resembles bright sky and water. Its shiny surface brightens the room and quickly raises the atmosphere. It becomes the center point when applied properly, especially with white and gray. Versatile tile for any bathroom design.

2. Vita Blue

Want dimension, depth, and metallic finish? These are essential. It shimmers and reflects light brilliantly. The tiles look elegant. Durable and worth every price, it lasts long.

3. Alloy Azurro

Beautiful geometric tiles with arabesque themes and brilliant hues. Interlocking stars and floral themes are popular in these tiles. Like peaceful hues yet want something new that will wow you?

4. Amman

A traditional brick-like tile design. It's adaptable, popular, and utilized on walls, floors, shower floors, niches, and the remainder of the bathroom. Stacking tiles with double the breadth of their height creates a brick-like pattern. 

5. Running Brick Pattern

Tiles are stacked vertically for a traditional, contemporary style and horizontally for a clean, sleek effect. How you stack tiles affects bathroom appearance. You may also tilt them 45 degrees for elegance.

6. Stacked Tile Pattern

Often used for oak floors, the herringbone tone provides visual interest and makes tiny areas appear larger. That's why designers and homeowners have enjoyed it for years.

7. Herringbone Tiles

The 1960s saw its application with parquet floors. Small wood panels put together at right angles create a weaving geometric design.  A basketweave tile with mosaic for a woven effect is another beautiful alternative.

8. Crosshatch Tile

If durability is your main concern yet you want a colorful tile, choose this. There are several hues and it looks unique. Terrazzo may feel chilly on your toes due to heat loss. It may resemble nougat and epoxy floors. 

9. Terrazzo Tile

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