Costco Is Opening a New Sushi Counter

Consumers rejoice: Costco may soon offer fresh-rolled sushi. A new Costco subreddit (r/Costco) post says a new sushi counter will open at Costco's

The photo suggests that the new sushi station will be next to the bakery and have a "Kirkland Signature Sushi" sign. Author wrote:

"Employee observed me taking a picture and told me it opens Friday, 6/9. Looking forward to trying it!

Members have always loved Costco's vast variety of baked goodies from each location's bakery. Costco may be testing in-house sushi making. 

The warehouse club's flagship branch in Issaquah often tests new ideas before they're introduced nationwide.

Costco formerly only sold distributor-prepared sushi. However, Costco Hawaii and Japan have long sold fresh sushi. They've had sushi at 

Japanese Costcos for years. A platter or two of nigiri and maki sushi came cheaply for a no-prep meal. I hope our goods is high-quality and cheap 

Costco members were excited to hear that the warehouse retailer would start making sushi in-house in April. Costco has many good groceries, 

but sushi isn't one of them. Consumers consistently evaluate Costco's pre-made sushi low.

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