Costco Just Put a Purchase Limit on These Popular Grocery Items

America's largest supermarket warehouse company is busy as buyers stock up on back-to-school and household goods despite growing COVID-19 cases

Costco is also restricting purchases of popular groceries to manage inventory.

Toilet paper and disinfectant wipes were scarce at the start of the pandemic, so we all recall purchase limits. 

Due to its Member's Only Savings campaign through Aug. 29, Costco has limited hundreds of products.

Members saw Costco warehouse water shortage notices. "We are out of water," said one notice.

 The next delivery date is unknown. We regret the inconvenience."another sign suggested buyers could only buy five cases of any water brand. 

costco refused Eat This, Not That!'s request for comment, but several members blame missing deliveries and a Kirkland water bottling facility shutdown.

Each smoothie contains 18 drinks and 540 grams of protein. Stock up, but you may only buy four packages each trip—in-store and online.

Shakes are $7 off until Aug. 29, but a Reddit member noticed the restriction. Costco often restricts sale items so all members can benefit. 

The store visit/transaction restriction is usually set. "You could leave your 4 in your car and return with 4 more the same day," one suggested. 

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