Costco's Hot Dog Combo Is Under Scrutiny

The meaty food court frank and fountain drink cost $1.50, unchanged since the 1980s, demonstrating Costco's dedication to value. Despite 

decades of inflation and Costco's losses, that pricing has stayed constant. Cheap bites are more of a draw to keep clients.

One of Costco's founders informed CEO Craig Jelinek in 2018: "If you raise the [price of the] effing hot dog, I will kill you."

Jelinek has not lost the price, his life, or his work. At a recent shareholders meeting, he said the burgeoning warehouse chain sold 157 million

After rival Sam Club lowered its price, Jelinek may be tempted to do the same. Sam's Club undercut Costco by lowering its hot dog combo to $1.38

The Los Angeles Times' high-profile review of both hot dog dealers fueled their rivalry this week.

The competing wieners "tasted virtually identical" but Sam's Club's toppings and soft drinks were "superior"—a verdict that "almost hurts," 

The review sparked a heated internet dispute between rivals over hot dogs, cola, and which warehouse club is best.

Someone on a Sam's Club Reddit thread said the Walmart-owned club's hot dog wins in a "taste comparison," to which another replied, "You take that back!"

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