Dear, Iowa: Please get Caitlin Clark some help

Caitlin Clark needs help. Caitlin Clark excels. Without a doubt. Her no-fear attitude makes her dangerous on the basketball court. She'll blast the gym's lights. That's part of the issue.

Iowa Hawkeye women's basketball follows Clark. When she's underperforming, the squad gets little else. It might be a long season for the Hawkeyes if not corrected quickly.

Iowa's offensive performance is cracking after a tight win over Virginia Tech on November 9 and a shocking defeat to Kansas State on Thursday. Clark took over 30 shots in both games.

Not a sustainable success model. Not that Caitlin Clark can't lead Iowa. She shouldn't.

Iowa's post player Monika Czinano contributed last season. A much-needed rush of quick but effective points from Czinano helped balance the team.

The Hawkeyes missed Czinano's production this season and didn't sign a portal transfer like LSU's Aneesah Morrow or North Carolina's Maria Gakdeng. That's a pricey choice.

Paging, IA. Where is Caitlin Clark's Batman's Robin? Avengers, where are they? It's probably enough superhero references. You get the point. Somebody help!