Delta Air Lines Announces First Flight to Tulum, Mexico

Delta Air Lines has shattered the ice.

Delta will be the first major US airline to fly into the famous tourist resort when Mexico's new airport in Tulum opens. 

The airport is due to open in December, and Delta has announced that flights from its headquarters in Atlanta to Tulum will begin on March 28.

Daily flights from Atlanta to Tulum will be available. Delta will provide year-round service to the well-known Mexican town.

Tulum is famous for its beaches and historic ruins, although it's located 90 miles south of Cancun. 

Most visitors fly into Cancun and consider Tulum to be a side excursion. Tulum will now have its own airport, which means more visitors.

Aeromexico, Delta's alliance partner, will commence twice-daily service from Mexico City on December 1.

Delta announced it would fly a single-aisle Boeing 737-800 from Atlanta to Tulum.

Tulum will also be on the route of the new Maya Train, which will begin service in December. 

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