NFL Pro Bowler Is Stuck In The Middle Seat of A Southwest Flight

We are all aware of Southwest Airlines' boarding rules. They provide open seating, which means you'd best hope for an A or B boarding group number if you want to escape the dreaded middle seat on one of their flights!

This condition seems to effect us all, even if we are a 9-time NFL Pro Bowl great safety!

John Lynch is one of the finest NFL safeties of all time, but he was recently stranded in the middle seat due to being in the C boarding group on a Southwest trip.

Lynch was leaving Denver International Airport on Thursday when he bumped into the famous NFL reporter.

Lynch was attempting to catch his kid in a football scrimmage in San Diego before heading to Denver to cover the Denver Broncos' preseason defeat to the San Francisco 49ers last Saturday.

Lynch, who must not have paid Early Bird Check-In and did not check in precisely 24 hours before departure, was stranded in the C-30 range.

A fortunate fan managed to sit in front of Lynch and take the photo, which was posted by the MMQB.

Now, John Lynch would have been a great middle seat buddy for the 2 hour 15 minute journey!

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