Non-Shedding Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

Scottish Terrier

They can be obstinate, but they're also quite loyal and strong, with long lifespans and good health.

Standard Schnauzer

Miniature schnauzers are excellent inside dogs, but bear in mind that they may require frequent hair cutting to preserve an allergy-free environment.


With a lifetime of roughly 14 years, the toy Maltese is a long-term commitment that brings many years of love and loyalty.

Standard Poodle

These intelligent and attentive dogs like to be in your company rather than being left alone for lengthy periods of time. This makes them an excellent family pet or companion for those with the time to devote to them.

Yorkshire Terrier

These small bundles of fur and pleasure are brimming with energy and passion. Yorkies, as they're affectionately known, are ideal for both extremely active owners and apartment life.

Brussels Griffon

Their exaggerated features and eyes are immensely appealing, and youngsters will like them, with a cartoon-like large head and little torso. They are friendly canines who enjoy being walked and hugged.

Italian Greyhound

These sleek and elegant canines lose no hair and simply need to be massaged with a towel to maintain their coats trimmed and shining.

Norwich Terrier

The Norwich terrier sheds very little due to its waterproof, fuzzy coat. They are an English dog that was bred to assist trap foxes and chase rats out of agricultural sheds.

Lakeland Terrier

These confident and energetic canines, who were designed to help farmers eradicate foxes and rats, have a strong urge to stay active throughout the day. 

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