One Major Effect of Eating Walnuts

Nuts' nutritious lipids and protein make them a great snack for long-lasting energy. Plus, there are so many varieties 

New research endorses walnuts as an omega-3-rich addition to your trail mix sandwich bag.

The American Heart Association's flagship publication, Circulation, found that walnuts may cut LDL cholesterol,

Researchers urged hundreds of healthy adults ages 63-79 (68% female) to eat half a cup of walnuts daily for two years.

They then compared those results to walnut-free eaters. The study found that daily walnut eaters had a little reduction in LDL cholesterol.

In particular, walnut eaters had 4.3% fewer LDL particles than non-walnut eaters. Men had a 7.9% LDL reduction while women had 2.6%.

The study "This is a good study to help demonstrate and reiterate the benefits of incorporating good fats into your diet on your heart health,

like those found in walnuts," says Mia Syn, MS, RD. "However, it is important to note that no one food has the ability to make or break your overall health."

Before calling walnuts the best heart health food, note that four of the study's researchers received California Walnut Commission (CWC)

While we do need to recognize that the study was industry-funded, and also that it's tough to draw causation

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