One Major Effect of Vitamin D on Your Bladder

You're not alone if you have an overactive bladder, which can be embarrassing and annoying. 

 American Urological Association: 33 million Americans have hyperactive bladders. There are numerous innovative drugs available for treating this condition

For those who prefer to make tiny changes to their daily routine rather than start on a prescription

In a meta-analysis published last week, four Israeli public health and obstetrics/gynecology specialists reviewed papers from August 2020. 

The researchers reviewed overactive bladder, urine incontinence, pelvic floor problems, and lower urinary tract symptoms research.

Vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency was connected to the incidence and severity of urine incontinence in six of seven investigations.

Vitamin D also helped urinary incontinence in two more randomized controlled trials.

Vitamin D strengthens bones, boosts immunity, and improves mood. So how might it affect the bladder?

The bladder detrusor muscle, which contracts to empty the bladder, has Vitamin D receptors, researchers say. 

Vitamin D may do more than relieve bothersome symptoms like frequent restroom visits. 

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