Southwest Airlines Introduces New ‘Trolls’-Themed Airplane

It is now okay to make fun of Southwest Airlines. This week, Southwest Airlines showed off its newest promotional tie-in by painting one of its planes with trolls from the new DreamWorks Animation movie "Trolls Band Together." 

A new song from the revived boy band from the 1990s, N'Sync, is in the movie, which has caused a lot of talk. 

Not only are characters written on the outside of the Boeing 737-700, but there are also characters on several window shades inside the plane. 

Southwest Airlines' Managing Director of Communications said in a statement, "Southwest celebrates travel and the meaningful connections made along the way.

"As the airline with Heart, we're inspired by the upbeat mantra of the film and value the opportunity to send our Customers to their own version of a 'better place,' whether that's return to see family or setting out on their own new adventure." 

Southwest is also running a competition for a trip to Los Angeles based on the movie "Trolls Band Together." The winner will get round-trip flights on Southwest. 

The movie is set to come out on November 17. The company also wants to show the first two movies in the series on some trips and have special pop-ups in some airports and on some planes. 

You can join the contest without buying anything, and Southwest makes it clear that buying a flight won't improve your chances of winning the $3,300 prize. is where you can sign up and find out more. Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake both do voice work for the movie. 

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