Southwest Is Ending Its Discounted Fares For Senior Citizens

Southwest Airlines has long welcomed affordable passengers. The airline may eliminate senior rates, one of its finest bargains.

Seniors received a slight discount on "Anytime Travel" tickets for numerous years. These tickets were 100% refundable if canceled. Southwest discreetly disclosed on its website that senior fares would end in December.

“As of December 11, 2019, Senior tickets are no longer available for purchase,” Southwest said.

"We value customers beyond anything else. We provide courteous, trustworthy service and reasonable fares with heart. Still get all that with our other fare features.”

Southwest also mentioned refundable rates for Anytime tickets and Business Select. 

Southwest's Reusable money, travel credits consumers may use within 12 months to cancel their arrangements, no change costs, and “bags fly free” service are included with all other tickets.

Southwest's “Wanna Get Away” price is cheaper for all ages. Even with kids, the airline offers a “Child’s Fare.” However, to get that discount, contact the airline to book.

Southwest's frequent sales are another method to save on airfares. The airline often has flash deals. If you want a discount or a reason to go, watch for savings. Sales last just a few hours, so book the same day.

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