Starbucks Announces New Details on Red Cup Day

Red Cup day! The annual event will give guests who order any size handcrafted holiday beverage a complimentary limited-edition red holiday cup on Thursday, Nov. 16

While supplies last, participating retailers countrywide will offer the freebies.What's remarkable about the red cup? Designed for style and sustainability, the collectible returns for its sixth year

Of course, driving demand for Starbucks' seasonal drinks. This year's special cup is 75% recycled. 

Only 50% of the red cup was recycled in 2022. Starbucks aims to be more sustainable and cut waste by 50% by 2030.

The complimentary reusable red cup is a gift that continues on giving beyond the holidays

Starbucks will provide customers who bring their clean red reusable cup to be refilled a $0.10 discount, just like any other reusable cup.

Starbucks Rewards members can earn 25 bonus Stars up to three times each day by bringing their reusable red cup with any star-qualifying order.

How do you win the cup? The free reusable red cup will be used for hand-crafted holiday beverage orders in-store, at the drive-thru

You should sample one or more of Starbucks' new holiday drinks now. Classics like Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Mocha, Pumpkin Spice Latte 

Peppermint White Hot Chocolate, and others qualify for the deal. Oleato Gingerbread Oatmilk Latte is available to specialty drink drinkers Starbucks

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