Taco Bell's New Crunchwrap Debuts Tomorrow

The hexagonal shape, layers of fillings, and crispy tostada shell inside the flour tortilla make Taco Bell's Crunchwrap Supreme one of its most distinctive dishes.

The chain's popular offering, with its seasoned beef, nacho cheese, and sour cream, was previously unfriendly to vegan customers.

Vegan seasoned beef, blanco sauce, and nacho sauce are stacked with shredded lettuce and diced tomatoes in the new edition.

"Such a large part of our fandom is vegan or vegetarian, and we're as committed to them as they are to us and our menu," said Taco Bell 

global chief culinary innovation officer Liz Matthews. "We waited months and years to release something this exceptional because we wanted it to 

Taco Bell claimed the Vegan Crunchwrap as its first "fully vegan entree item," but customers can make other Taco Bell items vegan by replacing 

the meat with black beans, refried beans, or potato bites and ordering them "fresco style," which replaces mayo-based sauces, cheeses, and 

sour cream with diced tomatoes. Since the Vegan Crunchwrap was "crafted as the perfectly complementary combination,

In the release, Taco Bell warned that some restaurants may fry non-vegan foods in the same oil.

"Like its other product tests, Taco Bell will test this innovation to gauge customer feedback and inform future menu developments," the firm added.

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