The 8 Best U.S. Cities For Outdoor Adventures

Johnson City: Nashville is known for its country music and boisterous clubs, but adventurers should visit Johnson City in northeast.

New York: The Big Apple is known for skyscrapers, not "the great outdoors."

Seattle: Seattle is famous for its coffee, but it's also plenty with outdoor beauty to explore year-round.

Sedona: Sedona offers endless beauty, hiking, and outdoor adventures.

Los Angeles: Outdoor explorers can base themselves in Los Angeles and tour the heart of California's coast.

South Lake Tahoe: South Lake Tahoe is another great spot in California—and it's a gorgeous three-hour drive to get there from San Francisco.

Moab: Visitors visiting Moab will feel like they're at an outdoor theme park.

Fort Collins: Adventurers will feel at home in Fort Collins, an hour from Denver, The 8 Most Beautiful US States in Nature

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