The Best Dog Breeds For Babies

Golden Retriever

These lovely creatures are regarded as the ideal family dogs. These dedicated, loving canines were the stars of the classic family film "Homeward Bound."


Even when walking, they are known for their laid-back attitude. They would rather smell and hear than chase any squirrel that caught their attention.


Their vitality and intellect are incredible. They'll work hard to herd, raise, and protect your infant, just like any other task you assign them.


Few things annoy these dogs, so your child will not be constantly playing with them. Because these boys like attention and hugging, more play is preferred.


Gentle giants are among the most well-behaved creatures on the planet. They appreciate children and like spending time with their friends. They like cuddling when they have finished playing and running.


They are simply trained and will follow your instructions. They are easygoing, especially when active and engaged, and hence make excellent companions for children.

Labrador Retriever

For good reason, labrador retrievers and golden retrievers are popular family pets. If new family members are introduced correctly, these puppies will cling to children like peanut butter sticks to jelly.


These loud breathers are adorable and eccentric, making them ideal family pets. They like playing and running around like children, but they also enjoy long periods of cuddling.


They like children and people above other dogs. Because of their greater size, they can typically endure any hand-grabbing and playing with them.

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