The Best Time of The Day To Walk Your Dog

Dog walks aren't always the most essential portion of a person's day, whether it's raining or they have so much other to do. That's probably the dog's favorite time—besides eating.

On some days, you postpone the walk until the dog is dancing around the house and demanding to get out. As much as you want to walk the dog anytime you want, the vet recommends particular times of day.

Louisiana veterinarians say temperature affects when to walk the dog: "Before leaving, consider the walk's timing and foot protection. Consider pavement and dog paw temperatures at extreme temperatures."

It's ideal to keep to a pattern when walking the dog, whether in the morning or before bed. According to the AKC, dogs rely on regularity and predictability, so a routine boosts their confidence.

An afternoon stroll can break up the day, but it might also put the dog at risk. Veterinarians recommend walking dogs in the morning or evening, when it's cooler and less tiring.

She stated: "Dogs at danger of overheating should be walked early in the morning or late at night when temperatures are cooler. Heart illness, upper airway problems, obesity, and brachycephalic forms put dogs at danger.

Avoid strolling sunburn-prone dogs in the middle of the day. Hairless, sparsely haired, almost shaven, and white or light-colored dogs are at danger."

Avoiding walks at high temps is one of several summer dog cooling ideas. WebMD advises against taking a dog out between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. in the summer because the pavement might burn its paws.

Veterinarians advise against overexertion, especially for brachycephalic breeds, because dogs may need to drink water every 15 minutes when they get too overheated.

AKC says flat-faced dogs like bulldogs, Frenchies, and boxers can quickly overheat and need help controlling their temperatures. Due to their facial structure and airways, they cannot pant or cool themselves like other breeds.

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