This Christmas Ornament Hack Is Genius

Christmas decorations rarely include balloons, which are more common for birthdays and New Year's.

. Balloons disguised as ornaments can enhance your Christmas tree and holiday plan.

TikToker @chloeduya posted a balloon Christmas ornament hack to alleviate her tree's massive, white ornament shortage. 

 Her solution: buy white balloons, blow them up, tie them, and add them to the tree. . The balloons match the ornaments, snowflakes, ribbon, and lights.

This hack is popular with those looking for basic ornaments like large white or black glass balls. Others suggested using balloons as ornaments

if you have kids or dogs because they won't shatter like glass ornaments. One user advised putting balloon decorations near the bottom of your tree 

where they're more likely to get jostled and pricier ones at the top out of reach.

One of the best things about balloon ornaments is that you can throw them away after the holidays, saving you storage space!

TikTokers shared their own hacks. “Spray them with hair spray to make them last longer and less likely to pop,

 read one reply. Others suggest adding glitter and hair spray to balloons. Brilliant!

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