Top 7 Secrets To Getting The Best Seats On Southwest Airlines

Set a check-in reminder

Check in exactly 24 hours before your trip is supposed to leave. You might want to set an alarm if you want to make sure you get the best spots possible.

Check the layout of the plane first

Southwest has different types of planes with different ways of setting up the seats. When you know how the plane is set up, you can target particular places or parts of the plane that suit your needs.

If you can, crossing the line is OK

This is important to remember: if you bought a Group A ticket but missed the boarding phase, you can still get that great place by cutting in line.

Be strategic if you board later

When you get on the plane, look for rows that look full but have an open place in the middle. Some people might avoid rows with an empty middle seat in the hopes that their neighbor won't show up.

Travel schedules should be flexible

If you can change your travel plans, you might want to choose trips that happen at off-peak times or on days when there are fewer people traveling. When there are fewer people on the flight, there may be more seats available.

Consider purchasing EarlyBird Check-In

For an extra fee, you can check in for your flight 36 hours before it leaves, which is 12 hours before regular check-in starts.

Alternatively, select Business Select

If you buy a Business Select ticket, you are guaranteed a spot in the A1–A15 entry group. This almost guarantees that you'll get the spot of your choice.

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