Top Air Travel News From the Month of October

Southwest Extends Schedule

Southwest Airlines is capitalizing on growing air travel demand. Southwest has extended bookings until next August, bringing the total number of trips to an all-time high of over 4,500.

Frontier to Expand Loyalty Program

Frontier Airlines, located in Denver, will launch a new and enhanced reward program in 2024. Indeed, it is billed as one of the finest, if not the best, programs in the nation.

Off-duty pilot charged with attempted passenger murder

An off-duty deadhead pilot failed to shut a plane's engines. After being defeated by crew members, he was arrested and charged with 83 attempted murders.

Union Alerts Flight Attendants to Bed Bugs

The nation's biggest flight attendant union wrote a message. An odd memo. It told flight attendants to bring bed bug search gear in a carry-on luggage while checking into hotels.

United CEO Slams Low-Cost Airlines

Fighting words! United carriers CEO Scott Kirby criticized low-cost carriers during an earnings conference call.

Leadership Changes at Frontier

Frontier Airlines changed leadership. Denver-based airline has new president and CFO.

FAA Investigating Near Miss

In a year of near-misses, the FAA is examining another. At bustling Newark Airport, a disaster nearly occurred.

United Q4 Forecast

United Airlines had a solid third quarter but doesn't expect a fantastic fourth. Rising fuel prices, labor concerns, and the Middle East crisis may force UAL to decrease its projection.

American launches business loyalty program

Business travel is returning, and American Airlines wants a piece. Thus, the airline launched a business loyalty program.

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