United Airlines' New Boarding Process Draws Ire Some Passengers

Literally and symbolically, this may fail. Some United Airlines passengers are unhappy with the new boarding method. The new United boarding policy operates from the inside out.

Thus, window seat tickets are seated first, followed by middle and aisle. The airline promises to save two minutes every flight. They expect it to prevent headaches on subsequent flights.

"By doing that, we're saving two minutes," stated United's CSO. "So, if we can get two minutes back on this one and two minutes back on the next one, we're gonna help, especially those customers travelling later in the day to be closer on time."

But some passengers are unhappy. WILMA, the new system, has been criticized on social media.

Some customers have reported that window seating now has priority without extra charge. Others have stated that even with an aisle seat, they have no overhead bin room when they board.

X (previously Twitter) user worried that window seat occupants would get overhead bins first. "Unless the gate staff strictly enforce the 2-item rule, I anticipate some interesting dialogue and disturbances to occur before boarding," added CFO.

"A User don't like the new boarding policy stating that if you choose an aisle, middle, or window seat, if side seats board last bill less for that seat," a user remarked.

The new seating policy is economic. Business class, handicapped, and family travelers can board first.

United will refit all its flights with bigger overhead bins to solve carry-on luggage problems. The new policy took effect Thursday, October 26.

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