United Airlines Passengers Threaten Boycott Over New Boarding Rules

Things will be different the next time you travel with United. On October 26, the airline launched "WILMA," or window, middle, and aisle seats.

This method allows customers with window seats to board before those with center or aisle seats, regardless of row.

According to an internal document, the new restrictions have no effect on United's pre-boarding and groups one through three.

Instead, group four, which comprises people in the middle and aisle seats, has been divided into two boarding groups. Group four is for middle-seat passengers, whereas Group five is for just aisle passengers.

Group one includes first- and business-class passengers as well as United reward club members.

Other incentive tiers, such as Premier Access or priority boarding, as well as co-branded credit cards, remain in Group 2. Finally, group three includes window, exit row, and non-revenue passengers (such as traveling workers).

"This gives window seat passengers first pick of the overhead bins." On the 26th of October, a user said, "Unless gate personnel strictly enforce the two-item rule, I predict interesting discussion and disruptions during boarding."

Another user said the same day, "United intends to board from window row in to save two minutes." I'll call my assistant to make certain that neither I nor anybody else is scheduled on a United aircraft. "The worst idea ever."

In an interview, United's chief customer service officer noted, "By doing this, we save two minutes."

"So if we can get a minute back on this flight, and two minutes back on the next flight, we're going to assist especially those customers traveling later in the day to be nearer on time."

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