What's happening with Angel Reese? LSU basketball star misses second-straight game

She was benched in the second half of last Tuesday's game against Kent State, and coach Kim Mulkey said it was a coaching call. Since then, the situation has become worse.

The fact that Reese did not play in Friday's game against Southeast Louisiana just heightens the mystery. Mulkey has chosen to remain silent about the causes of her absence.

Even while LSU is winning on the court, there are still unanswered concerns regarding the hidden circumstances of Reese's absence and lack of participation. Fans are still perplexed by it and are curious about the specifics Coach Mulkey has decided to withhold.

Fans are quick to speculate that academic concerns could be the root of Angel Reese's extended absence from the court, given the current state of uncertainty surrounding the situation.

The notion has been discussed among college basketball fans and has been stoked by remarks made by a parent of an LSU player who plays with him. Reese's parent stated on Instagram that their child has a GPA of "2.0 or less."

Even though Reese hasn't addressed the topic directly in public, she has encouraged followers to have a positive mindset on Instagram and on Twitter on Sunday by saying, "Please don’t believe everything you read."

The mysterious note raises even more questions about the continuing mystery surrounding her protracted absence from the game.