Why Green Slime Was Spotted Oozing from New York City Sewers

One resident reported green liquid seeping from sewer grates near the World Trade Center on Nov. 2. Dan Pantelo posted a snapshot of the vivid green liquid around the sewer grate and pouring into the city streets on X (previously Twitter).

"So there’s literal green sludge bubbling up from the ground next to World Trade Center right now," Pantelo said.

Pantelo followed up by asking other X users if anyone knew what caused the green liquid, writing, "Can anybody explain this or are we just living in full-blown Gotham rn.”

Dye made it green. The initial post was disclaimered with "This is water full of green dye." Plumbers often use safe, fluorescent green dye to find plumbing and sewage leaks.

According to the National Park Service, dye tracing is typical for water tracking. The approach "helps scientists visualize how water moves from one place to another," says the NPS.

After posting the initial shot, Pantelo updated the scene the next day. “UPDATE: it's still there, people are walking through it casually, sometimes a small crowd gathers around and stares at it,” Pantelo added.

Pantelo remarked that he wasn't sure the liquid was dyed despite the disclaimer. Contrary to the community note, I think the sludge is radioactive goo. Source?