You Can Fly To Smell Like McDonald's French Fries

Many Americans envy McDonald's for offering menu items like arepas and churros outside the U.S. McDonald's Japan is offering french fry-scented cologne to overseas lovers.

McDonald's Japan will release perfumes that smell like french fries, according to Fresh Plaza. McDonald's Japan began offering Shaka Shaka Potatoes after the success of their Shaka Shaka Chicken.

allowing customers to customize their fries with various seasoning packets. McDonald's U.S. only offers one fry flavor. Salted McFries and plum nori seaweed salt and garlic black pepper mayo Shaka Shaka.

flavors will be in the perfume collection as a tribute to their flavors. This may seem unlikely, yet McDonald's Japan announced the change on X, formerly Twitter.

McDonald's Japan is known for its unique collaborations, but local fans were shocked. "It's not April 1st yet...," X commenter wrote. McDonald's post raised eyebrows too.

Three perfume bottles that look like french fry containers are shown in front of a person spritzing perfume on their neck. Naturally, the McFries perfume features red rectangular packaging with the yellow "M.

However, the plum nori seaweed salt and garlic black pepper mayo bottles resemble little, white Shaka Shaka bags, which is almost too weird to believe.

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